“Work is part of life, and life is part of work”: Tips for working from home

“Work is part of life, and life is part of work”: Tips for working from home

The term “work-life balance” demands that life and personal emotions should be kept out of the workplace. The goal should be work-life harmony: work is part of life, and life is part of work.

Here are a few tips on how to create a harmonic working from home environment.

1. Define boundaries for the people you live with

It can be difficult, especially in these times when many people are home, to share a space with others. Negotiate (if possible) where and when you will work from best. You might need privacy and silence, or you might be able to speak freely. Take into consideration the different types of work and activities of those you share the space with. Lock the door if it’s needed!

2. Practice mindful breathing exercises

The past is just data, the future hasn’t happened yet. All actions, decisions, thoughts happen in the present moment. Mindfulness allows us to live in the present moment, without judgement. At Shocklogic, we have embedded mindfulness into the fibre of the company. Teams practice a peer-lead 3 minutes mindfulness breathing exercises every morning.

3. Discipline gives us freedom

Having a daily routine provides a structure and discipline to our lives. One of our company values is “discipline gives us freedom”. It is important to choose to do the things that I think serve us, and to not do the things that don’t serve us. Once boundaries are defined, it is easier to bounce around.

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